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Power BI Step by Step Tutorials

Microsoft Power BI Tutorials For Beginners to Advance
QuestIT Pvt limited
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Students will be able to learn Power BI from begineers to advance level where any one can build professional-quality business intelligence reports from scratch.
Learn how you can visualize and format data using different visualizations like Pie-chart, Donut chart, Table, Cards etc in a meaningful way to get deep insight
Mastering Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for Power BI Desktop. Where we learn basic to advance level DAX progressively.
Learn how to shape-up data, clean messy data, remove errors and do ETL process as per your requirement using Power Query Editor
Learn how to connect to different sources like CSV, Text, Excel, SQL Server and Live Websites etc..
Exploring latest tools and features available in Power BI Service and Learn to create stunning Dashboards and Reports (This part will be updated soon)
Configuring user roles and row-level security to maintain data quality and control (This part will be updated soon)
Students will have the required knowledge to work with Power BI and this hands on course will prepare you to build job-ready skills for career in Data Analysis

[Update] This course will be progressively updated (on regular basis) and we will try to cover all Power BI topics from basic to advance level, New videos will be added weekly or regularly.

If you are looking for complete practical based step by step Power BI course, you’ve come to right place. This course for those users looking to learn Power BI using real time practical based scenarios and want to take their Power BI skills to next level.

Learning power bi will be the smartest move in your career because among all other BI tools available in a market, Power BI  standout as a No 1 BI tool in the world right now and not only that there is a huge demand and big job market available for Power BI professionals in most MNCs and in bigger firms. So to boost your career by learning Power BI Step by Step.

With Power BI you can connect to hundreds of data sources like text, CSV, SQL analysis services, SQL server, MySQL, build complex relational models using simple and intuitive tools, and design stunning, interactive awesome dashboards from scratch, You can turn your raw data into visualization and many more.

This hands on course will prepare you to start your data analytics career.

If you’re looking to build expert level data analysis skills using DAX and Power BI, this is the course for you and this course will prepare you prepare you to build job-ready skills for a career in Data Analysis or Business Intelligence.


Part 1 – What is Power BI, Linked Reports, Power BI Installation,  Power Query.

Chapter 1:- What is Business Intelligence, Power BI and Why Power BI ?

Chapter 2:- How to Download and Install Power BI

Chapter 3:- Interface Tour of Power BI Desktop

Chapter 4:- Connecting to Text/CSV Source File

Chapter 5:- Power Query Editor : Shaping up CSV Data, Working with Applied   Steps,    Renaming Data Table, Headers and Removing Blank Rows, Error Data, Replacing Values.

Chapter 6:- Loading Multiple Data : Excel Data with CSV Data

Chapter 7:- Creating Duplicating Columns For Creating Relationship in Data Model.

Chapter 8:- Loading and Formatting Data in Stacked Bar Visual, Creating & Duplicating Pages

Chapter 9:- Working with Clustered Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart and Funnel Chart

Chapter 10:- Working with Slicers, Table, Donut Charts, Maps, Cards

Chapter 11 :-  Understand types of filters, Data Filters, TopN, types of filters in power bi?

Chapter 12 :-  Conditional Formatting in Charts

Chapter 13 :-  Linked Reports (Drill Through Report)

Chapter 14 :-  Working with Bookmarks and Buttons

Chapter 15 :-  Exploring Data with QnA Component

Chapter 16 :-  Connecting SQL Server Database and creating visual

Chapter 17 :-  Connecting Website URL and Creating Visuals

Chapter 18 :-  What is Power Query ?

Chapter 19 :-  Understanding Data Types and Creating Custom  Tables

Chapter 20 :-  Keep rows and remove rows

Chapter 21 :-  Removing Special Characters (Rupee Symbol) From Strings (M-Function)

Chapter 22 :-  Basic Calculations (Standard and Scientific), Conditional Columns and Creating Index

Part 2 – Explain Pivot vs Unpivot, Parameters, Merge and append Queries .

Chapter 23 :- Pivot and Unpivot

Chapter 24 :- Working with Parameters (Simple, List, Query)

Chapter 25 :- Merge Queries and Append Queries.

Part 3 – Joins and Join Kind, Optimize PBIX File , Database Normalization.

Chapter 26 :- Types of Join or Types of Join Kind in Power BI.

Chapter 27 :- How to optimize PBIX file using Load Feature.

Chapter 28 :- Understand Database Normalization.

Part 4 – Explain Data Model, OLTP, Star Schema & Snowflake Design. Dax Function

Chapter 29 :- What is Data Model, Fact Table, Dimension Table?

Chapter 30 :- OLTP VS OLAP, Star Schema and SnowFlake designs.

Chapter 31 :- Explain DAX and how to Create Measure Table.

Chapter 32 :- Calculated Columns vs Calculated Measures.

Chapter 33 :- Dax Function – SUM vs SUMX.

Part 5 : Maths DAX Function, Logical DAX Function, Text DAX Function in Power BI.

Chapter 34 :- Maths DAX Functions : MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, DISTINCT, COUNT

Chapter 35 :- Logical DAX Functions : IF, AND, OR, TRUE, FALSE, ISTEXT, ISERROR, ISBLANK, SWITCH.

Chapter 36 :- Text DAX Functions : TRIM, LEN, LOWER, UPPER.

Part 6 :- Understand Filter Dax Functions in Power BI.

Chapter 37 :- Filter DAX Functions – Value, Filter, Calculate & Related.

Part 7 :- Explain ALL, ALLExcept, AllSelected Table Joins-Crossjoin, Union.

Chapter 38 : Explain ALL, ALLExcept,

Chapter 39 : AllSelected Table Joins-Crossjoin, Union, Except & Intersect?

Part 8 :- Explain Fields in Power BI, Numeric range parameter and difference between DateAdd and ParallelPeriod.

Chapter 40 :- What are Fields, Numeric Range (What-if) Parameter in Power BI?

Chapter 41 :- Date and Time : DateAdd vs ParallelPeriod

Part 9 :- LookupValue DAX Function and Date & Time Function in Power BI.

Chapter 42 :- What is LookupValue DAX Function in Power BI?

Chapter 43 :- Date & Time : Datesbetween, DatesinPeriod, DatesQTD, DatesMTD, DatesYTD.

Part 10 :- DAX Variables, Power DAX USERELATIONSHIP & TREATAS.

Chapter 44 :- Understand DAX Variables(VAR).


Part 2 - Explain Pivot vs Unpivot, Parameters, Merge and append Queries .

Part 6 :- Understand Filter Dax Functions in Power BI.

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