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Power BI Masterclass from Scratch in 90 minutes [2023]

Learn how to use Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Power BI Services, Power BI Mobile in 90 Minutes
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You will learn how to build Reports and Dashboards with Power BI
You will be able to connect various data sources and visualize your data
You will be able to jump start your Power BI journey in 60 minutes

Earlier called as Power BI Masterclass from Scratch in 60 minutes .


“Thank you so much. This course was very easy to grasp and informative. ” – Rhea


“Short and crisp video to have a great start to learn Power BI.” – Srividya


“I really liked this course, every feature of the program is explained in practical and easy way. Thank you.” – Maria


If you want to learn how to visualize data and find insights from it, in shortest possible time, this course is for you.

This course cuts the flab and stick to what is most important and help you learn that. Same course can be taught in 5-10 hours but we have reduced it to 60 minutes course with all the details intact, we have removed the unnecessary details and tech jargon.


This course will help you in starting with Power BI in no time from scratch, you will learn :

Installing Power BI

Getting Data in Power BI from various sources

Modify and clean the data as per the need

Merging/Joining various data streams

Visualizing data using various methods

-Using various features of Power BI to enrich the data/visualization

-Doing What-If Analysis on the data

Publishing them to web

-Using Power BI services to find insights from Data

-Creating Power BI Reports and Dashboards

-Consuming Power BI on Mobile


Do we have any prerequisite for this course? Answer is NO.


This course for you if :

-You have no prior experience with Power BI or any other data visualization tool

-You have worked on other visualization tool, this course will help you in learning similar skills for Power BI

-You worked on Power BI in the past then this can be a good refresher course.




Please check resource TAB for all the resource to get started with Power BI visualization

Power BI Online Services

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