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Power BI – Business Intelligence for Beginners to Advance

The Complete and Comprehensive Course on Power BI : step by step with hands on demos with Power BI
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Learn to use the easiest Business Intelligence tool to create stunning reports and dashboards.
learn how you can visualize that data in a meaningful way to revile insights into your business like never before.
learn how, with Power BI, to connect to multiple sources of data like SQL Server, Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, Web and SQL Analysis Services etc....
learn how to, with the power of basic DAX, create powerful calculations and comparisons across multiples tables of data.
Learn how to create advanced DAX measures and calculated columns for complex calculations.
Learn Dataflows (new CDM base, Azure Lake gen2), what it is and how to use and configure databases in it.
Learn how to use charts using visuals like column, line, pie, combo, Scatter, Treemap, Funnel, Gauges and KPIs to name a few.
Easily clean the messy data, model your data as per your requirement and format your report to make it look beautiful and professional.
Learn to create powerful tables and matrix of reporting data.
Learn how to use Text Boxes, Shapes, Images, maps, and other visuals.
Learn how to turn data into insight and data into interactive visualizations to tell a story.
Learn how to use advanced features like Report page tooltips and Bookmarks.
Learn to use Custom Visualizations and Themes in Power BI.
Learn  and develop data modeling skills.
Learn how to automate the cleansing of data.
Learn how to  collaboration and sharing of content on Microsoft's Powerful platform.
This hands on course will prepare you to start your data analytics career.
Learn Dashboard-in-a-day at your own pace at home or at your office.
Learn Power BI Best Practices, Tip and Tricks.

Learn to create stunning Dashboards and Reports using Microsoft’s free Business Intelligence / Analytics tool, Power BI.

Do you want to build professional-quality Business Intelligence Reports from the ground up ? Do you want to blend and transform raw data into beautiful Interactive Dashboards ? Do you want to learn design and implement the same B.I. tools used by professional analysts and data scientists ? Do you want to understand the Business Intelligence workflow from end-to-end.

Then Microsoft Power BI is the right tool for you and this comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know to use Power BI.

This hands on (Beginner to Intermediate) course will prepare you to start your data analytics career and also will prepare you to Successfully  implement Power BI in your organization. Absolutely no experience is required. 25+ hours of HD videos of building 18  interactive Business Intelligence Reports and Dashboards (real-world examples) from scratch to finish. Files for Start and Finished projects also included to challenge you so you can learn by immediately applying what you’re learning .  You will have gained the knowledge and confidence to apply these same concepts to real-word to solve the Business problems or Business requirements.

By the time you complete this course, You’ll be a highly proficient Power BI user. You’ll be fully prepared to collect, clean, model and present data for any purpose.  You will be using your skills as a Business Intelligence Professional to extract knowledge from data so you can analyze and visualize complex Business Problems/Requirements with ease.

Why should you consider a career as a Business Data Analyst?

  • Salary. A Business Data Analyst is a well-paid career
  • Stable Career. As most corporations gathering more and more data. There will never be shortage of Jobs for Business Data Analyst.
  • Advancement in Career : Since you will be building different reports for different departments. You will never be bored and always be valued. Which will bring you more opportunities in your career.  Business Data Analyst get very visibility in corporations. Whole management depends on them.

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Course Curriculum:

Section 1: Business intelligence –

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Business Analysis – Course Introduction
  • Thank you for enrolling – Must watch
  • Dashboard-in-a-day & Power BI Best Practices Introduction
  • Power Bi Introduction – 0
  • Power Bi Introduction – 1
  • Power Bi Introduction – 2
  • Why Microsoft Power BI
  • Power BI Family
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Service 1
  • Power BI Service 2
  • Descriptive-Predictive-Prescriptive Analytics
  • IT Challenges 0
  • IT Challenges 1
  • How to take the quizzes


Section 2: Data Analysis and Business Intelligence – Collect , Injest and  Import Data

  • Download Data files first
  • Import data from CSV files
  • Import data from Excel files
  • Import data from Web 1
  • Import data from Web 2
  • Import Real-time Streaming Data
  • Download and Install SQL Server Express
  • Download and Install Sample Databases
  • Import data from SQL Server
  • Import data from OData feed REST-API
  • Import Data from Folder
  • Dataflows – Introduction
  • Dataflows – Create Gateway from Scratch
  • Dataflows – Create Entities from CSV file
  • Dataflows – Create Entities Using SQL Server



Section 3: Prep, Clean and Shape Data

  • Download resources for this section.
  • Remove Rows
  • Remove Columns
  • Make first row as headers
  • How to create calculate columns
  • How to remove duplicates,  Unpivot columns and split columns
  • Change Data type, Replace Values and Rearrange the columns
  • Append Queries
  • Merge Queries


Section 4: Power BI Visuals

  • Download resources for this section.
  • Visuals Intro
  • Visuals-Bar Charts
  • Visuals-Line Charts
  • Visuals-Pie Chart
  • Stacked bar Chart
  • Clustered Column Chart
  • Visuals-Area Chart and Analytics Tab Explained-0
  • Visuals-Area Chart and Analytics Tab Explained-1
  • Visuals-Combo Chart
  • Visuals-Scatter Chart
  • Visuals-Treemap Chart
  • Visuals-funnel Chart
  • Visuals-Card and Multi-Row Card
  • Visuals-Gauge Card
  • Visuals-KPIs
  • Visuals-Matrix
  • Visuals-Table
  • Visuals-Text boxes – Shapes – Images
  • Visuals-Slicers
  • Visuals-Maps
  • Custom Visuals – Word Cloud
  • Visualization interactions



Section 5: Data Modeling

  • Our First Report-0
  • Our First Report-1
  • Our First Report-2
  • Our First Report-3
  • Publishing and Sharing your first report
  • Theme Download file
  • Modeling Basics-0
  • Modeling Basics-1
  • Modeling Basics-2
  • Modeling and Relationships-0
  • Modeling and Relationships-1
  • Other ways to create Relationship
  • Normalization – Denormalization-0
  • Normalization – Denormalization-1
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • Star Schema vs Snowflake Schema-0
  • Star Schema vs Snowflake Schema-1



Section 6: Introduction to DAX

  • DAX101 – Importing Data for Dax Learning
  • DAX101 – Resources for Dax Learning
  • DAX101 – What is Dax
  • DAX101 – Dax Data Types
  • DAX101 – Dax Operators and Syntax
  • DAX101 – M vs Dax
  • DAX101 – Create a Column
  • DAX101 – Rules to Create Measures
  • DAX101 – Calculated Columns vs Calculated Measures-0
  • DAX101 – Calculated Columns vs Calculated Measures-1
  • DAX101 – Sum()
  • DAX101 – AVERAGE()-MIN()-MAX()
  • DAX101 – SUMX()
  • DAX101 – DIVIDE()
  • DAX101 – CALCULATE()-0
  • DAX101 – CALCULATE()-1
  • DAX101 – FILTER()
  • DAX101 – ALL()
  • DAX101 – Time Intelligence – Create Date Table in M (important)
  • DAX101 – Time Intelligence – Create Date Table in DAX-0
  • DAX101 – Time Intelligence – Create Date Table in DAX-1
  • DAX101 – Time Intelligence – PREVIOUSMONTH()
  • DAX101 – Time Intelligence – SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR()
  • DAX101 – Time Intelligence – TOTALYTD()
  • DAX101 – Display Last Refresh Date
  • DAX101 – Time Intelligence – DATEADD()
  • DAX101 – Quick Measures


Section 7: Hands-on Real-world Projects

  1. Delicious Pizza
  2. American Bank
  3. Financial Report
  4. Productivity in 2017
  5. Personality
  6. Tough Sport by Skill
  7. Natural Disasters
  8. Terrorism in World
  9. Procurement-spend Analysis
  10. Products Analysis
  11. Regional Analysis
  12. IT Tickets Analysis
  13. Human Resources 1
  14. Human Resources 2
  15. Human Resources 3
  16. Financial Data Report
  17. Sales Analysis
  18. Bank Report



Section 8: Personal – Enterprise Gateway

  • On-Premises Gateway
  • Personal vs Enterprise Gateway
  • Install and Configure Personal Gateway
  • Install and Configure Enterprise Gateway
  • Manage SQL Server Data Source thru Enterprise Gateway



Section 9: Power BI Service and Dashboards

  • PowerBI Reports
  • PowerBI Workspaces
  • PowerBI Datasets
  • What are Dashboards
  • How to create Workspace and Publish Report
  • Create dashboards 6 different ways-0
  • Create dashboards 6 different ways-1
  • Favorite dashboards, reports, and apps in Power BI
  • Subscribe to a Report or Dashboard
  • Rename Workspace or Report or Dashboard
  • Display Reports or Dashboards in Full screen mode
  • Delete Reports or Dashboards
  • Dashboard Menus
  • Quick Insights
  • Setting up Alerts on Cards
  • Q-A in Power BI
  • Analyze in Excel
  • File and View Options
  • Printing Dashboard and Reports
  • Row level security
  • Access Reports Dashboards using Mobile Devices
  • Report page tooltip-0
  • Report page tooltip-1
  • Filter- Page-Report-Visualization level-0
  • Filter- Page-Report-Visualization level-1



Section 10: Sharing and Collaboration

  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Sharing Dashboard
  • Sharing Workspaces
  • Sharing App
  • Publish To Web



Section 11: Bonus Lectures

  • Download Materials
  • Power BI : Best Practices, Tips and Tricks 0
  • Power BI : Best Practices, Tips and Tricks 1
  • Power BI : Best Practices, Tips and Tricks 2
  • Power BI : Best Practices, Tips and Tricks 3
  • Power BI : Best Practices, Tips and Tricks 4
  • Power BI : Best Practices, Tips and Tricks 5
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Download Material link
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Introduction
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Accessing Data
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Data Preparation 0
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Data Preparation 1
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Data modeling and Exploration 0
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Data modeling and Exploration 1
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Data modeling and Exploration 2
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Data modeling and Exploration 3
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Data modeling and Exploration 4
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Data Visualizations 0
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Data Visualizations 1
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Publishing Report
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Creating Dashboards 0
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : Creating Dashboards 1
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : 6 ways to create Dashboards 0
  • Dashboard-in-a-day : 6 ways to create Dashboards 1
















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