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MS Dynamics 365-Finance & Operations-MB300| 330 |310 (Part1)

Microsoft Dynamics 365, D365 Finance and Operations, D365 F&O, Dynamics AX - New Course 2023-24 Updated
Mohammad Yasar
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Introduction to legal entity
Creation of live legal entity from the scratch with real-time examples.
Deep dive into number sequence
Creation of automatic and manual number sequence from scratch for above company
Setting up Fiscal Calendars for above company
Configuring currencies for our new company
Setting up accounts for currency revaluation
Getting started with Product information management parameters
Setting up Product relationship type set-up
Deep-dive in to Product Dimension groups
Deep-dive in to Storage Dimension groups
Deep-dive in to Tracking Dimension groups
Creation of new products and released products for our new company
Setting up category hierarchies
Setting up Product attributes
Detailed discussion on item model group & item group
Exploring product masters and creation of new product masters

The primary purpose of this course is to provide you with a in-depth-knowledge of the concept and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX for Finance and the supply chain. It is primarily designed for business users, students, and consultants who are interested in learning how to use the Microsoft D365 application. Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX for Finance and Operations is a very comprehensive business solution, which makes it impossible to explain all parts of the application in a single course. Hence, this will be a multi-part series and  each one focusing on various concepts within Microsoft Dynamics 365. All those tutorial videos posted here are undoubtedly true value for money, I request you all to provide me with constant feedback to help me keep improving all my future parts. In order to benefit from my tutorials, it is recommended to have a separate test application to practice the scenarios along with me while watching my lectures.

Legal entity creation

· Introduction to legal entity

· Creation of real legal entity with real-time examples

Number Sequence

· Introduction to number sequence

· Deep dive into number sequence.

· Let’s create automatic number sequence from scratch

· Exploring the number sequence code

· Let’s now explore manual number sequence

Chart of Accounts and main accounts

· Introduction to Chart of accounts

· Ledger set-up & Main accounts basics – cut

· Creation and configuration of multiple main accounts with real time examples.

· Creation of multiple main account using excel integration.

Ledger set-up

· Fiscal Calendar Set-up.

· Currency – cut 12:25.

· Account structure.

· Accounts for currency revaluation.

Getting started with product information management

· Introduction to products.

· Product information management parameters.

· Product relationship type set-up

· Product Dimension groups.

· Storage Dimension groups.

· Tracking dimension groups.

· Category Hierarchies

· Product attributes

· Deep dive into products and released products

· Detailed discussion on item model group & item group.

Legal Entity Creation

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