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Microsoft Power BI Masterclass – Expand Excellence

Microsoft Power BI How to learn Power BI fast. The best Power BI Training online for beginners. Best Master Class
Dan We
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Create powerful and outstanding reports - WOW effect
Improve look and feel of standard dashboards
Apply additional advanced DAX calculations
Apply tips and tricks when exploring data and creating reports
Taking the Power BI Masterclass series on udemy will prepare you to start your data analytics career
You can design Power BI Dashboards (Reports)
You can generate valuable insights for yourself and your company

This course is designed for students who have completed our beginner-level Power BI Masterclass and want to take their data analytics skills to the next level. Over 4+ hours, you’ll learn advanced techniques for analyzing and visualizing data using Power BI.


In this course, you’ll:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of time-based analysis, including how to analyze trends and patterns over time.
  • Learn advanced techniques for evaluating sales data, including using advanced DAX measures.
  • Apply best practices for creating effective dashboards, including optimizing the layout and design to create a “wow” effect for your audience.
  • Explore new DAX functions and measures that were not covered in the beginner-level course.
  • Use real-world examples to explore best practices for working with data in Power BI.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to use Power BI to analyze and visualize complex data sets, and you’ll be prepared to take on more advanced data analytics projects. Whether you’re a data scientist looking to expand your skillset or a business analyst looking to take your career to the next level, this course is the perfect way to expand your expertise in Microsoft Power BI.

What we learn in this course might also help you later with your Power BI certification exam.


You can follow along with the provided learning material in Power BI on your own computer at your own pace. Exited! You should be. So how to learn Microsoft Power BI Desktop? Buckle up and meet me in the first lecture starting today!


Update: The complete Power BI Masterclass Series on udemy (I have aggregated some classes together to provide more content value per class for you. I really hope that serves you better!

1. Power BI Masterclass – beginners to advanced

2. Microsoft Power BI Masterclass – Expand Excellence

3.Power BI Masterclass – DAX, Excel And More

4. The Power BI Masterclass – Additional Tips and Tricks

5. Power BI Desktop – Data Prep Challenges

6. Power BI Masterclass – DAX, R and Gateways

7. Power BI Masterclass – Python Finance and Advanced DAX

8. Power BI Masterclass – the next level

9. Power BI DAX Fundamentals Mastering the Key Concepts

10. Power BI Masterclass Calculation Groups with Tabular Editor

11. The Power BI Service Masterclass

12. How to build a profit and loss statement in Power BI Desktop


 The complete Masterclass Series which covers all relevant features in Power BI consists these courses now. This one is the second class.The other consecutive classes are available here on udemy.  Each course covers additional DAX insights, Power BI features, tips and tricks and best practices in report creation and design. If you find this course helpful then feel free to check them out as well. You can easily find them by checking out my Instructor profile.

best regards and happy learning.

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