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Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence (2023)

Master Power BI Desktop for data analysis with hands-on assignments & projects from top-rated Power BI instructors
Maven Analytics
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Build professional-quality business intelligence reports from the ground up
Blend and transform raw data into beautiful interactive dashboards
Design and implement the same tools used by professional analysts and data scientists
Showcase your skills with two full-scale course projects (with step-by-step solutions)
Explore powerful artificial intelligence tools and advanced visualization techniques
Learn from a #1 best-selling instructor and professional Power BI developer

Welcome to the #1 best-selling Power BI Desktop course – completely rebuilt for 2023!


If you’re a data professional or aspiring analyst looking to learn the top business intelligence platform on the market, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 50,000 perfect 5-star reviews from students around the world, this is the course you’ve been looking for.


Throughout the course, you’ll learn from top instructors on the Maven Analytics team and put your skills to the test with hands-on projects and unique, real-world assignments.




You’ll play the role of Business Intelligence Analyst for AdventureWorks Cycles, a fictional manufacturing company. Your role is to transform raw data into professional-quality reports and dashboards to track KPIs, compare regional performance, analyze product-level trends, and identify high-value customers.


But don’t worry, we’ll be here to guide you along every step of the way, with intuitive, crystal clear explanations and helpful pro tips to take you from zero to expert – guaranteed.


This course is designed to follow the key stages of the business intelligence workflow, and simulate real-world tasks that data professionals encounter on the job:


STAGE 1: Connecting & Shaping Data

In this stage we’ll focus on building automated workflows to extract, transform, and load our project data using Power Query, and explore common data connectors, storage modes, profiling tools, table transformations, and more:


  • Data connectors
  • Storage & import modes
  • Query editing tools
  • Table transformations
  • Connecting to a database
  • Extracting data from the web
  • QA & Profiling tools
  • Text, numerical, date & time tools
  • Rolling calendars
  • Index & conditional columns
  • Grouping & aggregating
  • Pivoting & unpivoting
  • Merging & appending queries
  • Data source parameters
  • Importing Excel models


STAGE 2: Creating a Relational Data Model

In stage 2 we’ll review data modeling best practices, introduce topics like cardinality, normalization, filter flow and star schemas, and begin to build our AdventureWorks data model from the ground up:


  • Database normalization
  • Fact & dimension tables
  • Primary & foreign keys
  • Star & snowflake schemas
  • Active & inactive relationships
  • Relationship cardinality
  • Filter context & flow
  • Bi-directional filters
  • Model layouts
  • Data formats & categories
  • Hierarchies


STAGE 3: Adding Calculated Fields with DAX

In stage 3 we’ll introduce data analysis expressions (DAX). We’ll create calculated columns and measures, explore topics like row and filter context, and practice applying powerful tools like filter functions, iterators, and time intelligence patterns:


  • DAX vs. M
  • Calculated columns & measures
  • Implicit, explicit & quick measures
  • Measure calculation steps
  • DAX syntax & operators
  • Math & stats functions
  • Conditional & logical functions
  • The SWITCH function
  • Text functions
  • Date & time functions
  • The RELATED function
  • Iterator (X) functions
  • Time intelligence patterns


STAGE 4: Visualizing Data with Reports

Stage 4 is about bringing our data to LIFE with reports and dashboards. We’ll review data viz best practices, building and format basic charts, and add interactivity with bookmarks, slicer panels, parameters, tooltips, report navigation, and more:


  • Data viz best practices
  • Dashboard design framework
  • Cards & KPIs
  • Line charts, trend lines & forecasts
  • On-object formatting
  • Table & matrix visuals
  • Conditional formatting
  • Top N filtering
  • Map visuals
  • Drill up, drill down & drillthrough
  • Report slicers & interactions
  • Bookmarks & page navigation
  • Numeric & fields parameters
  • Custom tooltips
  • Importing custom visuals
  • Managing & viewing roles (RLS)
  • Mobile layouts
  • Publishing to Power BI Service


We’ll also introduce powerful artificial Intelligence tools like decomposition trees, key influencers, smart narratives and natural language Q&A, along with performance optimization techniques to keep your reports running smoothly at scale.


Ready to get started? Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to:


  • 15 hours of high-quality video
  • 200+ page Power BI ebook
  • 25 homework assignments & solutions
  • Downloadable course project files
  • Expert Q&A support forum
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


If you’re looking for the ONE course to help you build job-ready Power BI skills, you’ve come to the right place.


Happy learning!

-Chris & Aaron (Maven Analytics)


See why this is one of the TOP-RATED Power BI courses in the world:


“I believe this is the best Power BI course out there. I spent £1400 to attend a 3-day Power BI crash course, and have to confess it’s nothing compared to the knowledge, skills, expertise and understanding derived from this course. I am forever grateful to Chris and the Maven Analytics team for doing such amazing work and to Udemy for making this available.”

-Isaac Mensah


“Resources are awesome. Presenter is brilliant. I found this course more useful than the official Power BI course from Microsoft. Things are easy to follow, and presentations are high quality.”

-Jacobus M.


“Chris is a skilled communicator and does a great job of explaining a complex tool like Microsoft Power BI. His ‘pro-tips’ are great for new user productivity and gaining a sense of the big picture, and I value his best practices on building and managing Power BI queries and reports. I’m feeling much more confident to dig in and use Power BI on my own projects!”

-Bill Jerrow


“Simply put, this course is AMAZING! The instructor literally takes you step-by-step from knowing nothing about Power BI into nearly an expert! I have had experience working with Power BI even in a corporate setting in the past, and I was still blown away by the level of granularity Chris was able to casually explain in a way that made sense. The hands-on exercises are THE perfect way to reinforce the concepts you learn throughout the course and connect theory to application. Can’t speak enough to how great this course is, I will definitely be coming back to it as a reference guide in my work and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn Power BI!”

-Ikenna Egbosimba


“I’ve been in university classrooms for much of my life and Chris is a university level instructor.”

-Allan Searl


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