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Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps Developer Course – Part 1

The Dataverse (Dynamics 365/ Power Platform) Developer Course from Ex-Microsoft employee.
Quickly become a Master in Dataverse development.
Step by step guide on writing custom business logic using Dataverse SDK.
Deep dive of Plugins with hands-on examples.
Extend Workflows with Custom Workflow Activities.
Understand Dataverse Architecture.
Drastically improve your code by following Microsoft recommended best practices.
Learn debugging of Plugins and Workflows in Dataverse (Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps).
Understand Dataverse (Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps) Web Services and interact with them from custom code.
Stand out in the crowd by learning advanced coding concepts in Dataverse (Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps)


This is an advanced developer course. If you are a beginner, start with the below Udemy course:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Core Training


*** This is the first comprehensive online course on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Customer Engagement or CRM) or Dataverse Development  ***

Do you want to become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Technical Consultant or Developer? In fact, most of the Dynamics 365 profiles require you to be a developer. Though dealing with configuration is easy but learning to code in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or PowerApps is quite challenging. This course will address the problem.

  1. Targeted for beginners to advanced levels.
  2. Concentration on hands-on
  3. You will be able to crack technical interview questions with ease.
  4. Lifetime access.
  5. This is a live course. Topics will be added or removed as per industry demand.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the course for any reason whatsoever, you can get your money back, no questions asked.

What students say…

“I am really happy to have this course, in fact, I was dying to find such consolidated course to cover the dynamics extending , i have been jumping from page to page trying to pick and choose what can be useful to me, with no clear guide line, now, this course is making things easier, smoother and streame-lined , thanks a lot Mr. Satish.”   – Ahmed Saud


“Satish has a thorough knowledge of Dynamics 365 CRM and .NET platform. He is quite effective in teaching about them. I learned a lot about CRM as well as gaining knowledge in developing custom .NET code for Dynamics 365 from him. I highly recommend him.”  – Yuyuan


“Satish is a fantastic trainer for .NET and Dynamics 365. While his knowledge of the platform is extensive and well-honed, his ability to effectively teach the product is even more impressive. He has a strong sense of real-world needs and requirements for modern Dynamics implementations, and what each trainee needs to know in order to effectively contribute to a Dynamics project. ”  – Isac


“This is a great course for everyone who wants to get into the technical programming part of Dynamics 365.Easy to understand,100% recommended for beginner. ” – Dewashish


“This is a great course for everyone who wants to get into the technical programming part of Dynamics 365. The instructor explains the important concepts behind plugin & custom workflow, shows you step-by-step on what you need to start, how to approach to write code, test and debug for different scenarios. 100% recommended.”  -Kenneth


“Excellent course if you’re a beginner to CRM or want to use this as a refresher for work. He goes through a lot of important concepts regarding custom code in plugin development and workflows and how these are advantageous. One of the few courses that will help in preparing for any Microsoft Dynamics interview, such as when to use what when. One thing I think that can be added or improved on is go in depth on cases where you can use FetchXML or LINQ in plugins otherwise a very well structured course. ” – Krishana Ramakrishnan


Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps Developer Course – Part 1 – Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction, Architecture, and Web Services

1. Target Audience  & Prerequisites

2. Introduction & Why Custom Coding?

3. Understanding the Architecture of Microsoft Dynamics 365

4. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web Services

5. Prerequisite – Setting up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Trial Instance

6. Prerequisite – Installation of Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition

7. Prerequisite – Creating a Publisher and Solution – Getting Ready for Development

Quiz 1: Web Services and Architecture

Section 2: Fundamentals of Plugin Development

8. Understanding the Plugin Pipeline

9. Plugin Messages

10. Hello World Plugin-Preparing Project Template

11. Hello World Plugin – Writing Code

12. Hello World Plugin – Deploying and Testing

13. Reading Data from Primary Entity in Plugin

14. Second Plugin – Creating a Task using Organization Web Service

15. Deploying Task Plugin

16. Understanding Plugin Pipeline Stages

17. Third Plugin – Duplicate Check Plugin Development

18. Third Plugin – Duplicate Check Plugin Deployment

19. Plugin Troubleshooting – Tracing

20. Debugging Plugins

21. Images in Plugin & Advantages

Quiz 2: Plugins

Section 3: Plugin Development – Deep Dive – Advanced Topics of Microsoft Dynamics 365

22. Impersonation in Plugins

23. Pass data between plug-ins using Shared Variables

24. Understanding Context.Depth in Plugin

25. Plugin Isolation Mode or Trust

26. Handling Configuration data in a Plugin

27. Asynchronous Plugins

Section 4: Custom Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365

28. Introduction to Custom Workflows

29. Creating Configuration Entity for Custom Workflow Demo

30. Development of Custom Workflows

31. Development of Custom Workflows (Continued)

32. Deploying Custom Workflows

33. Debugging Custom Workflows

34. Using Assembly Versioning in Custom Workflows

35. Comparison: Plugins Vs Workflows

Quiz 3: Custom Workflows

Section 5: Console App Integration Using Xrm Tooling

36. Introduction to Xrm Tooling & Console Application

37. Developing Console Application

38. Querying data using FetchXML

39. Aggregate Operations using Fetch XML

40. Querying data using LINQ – Late Binding

41. Complex LINQ Queries

42. Early Binding

43. Late Binding Vs Early Binding

44. Using LINQ with Early Binding

Section 6: Advanced Messaging Operations using Service.Execute() – Request Response Classes

45. Introduction to Execute Method

46. Using Service.Execute for CRUD

47. Working with ExecuteMultipleRequest



How do I get Microsoft Dynamics 365 instances for practice? 

You can subscribe for a 30 day trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud environment. You can use this instance for practice.

How is Part 1 different from Part 2?  

Part 1 deals with server-side components such as Plugins and Custom workflows, whereas Part 2 is for client-side coding such as HTML and JavaScript.

How is PowerApps Development related to Dynamics 365 Development? 

Since both are based on Dataverse, Dynamics 365 development components such as Plugins and Workflows can be used in PowerApps too. Also, Web Services work in the same way.

Plugin Development - Deep Dive - Advanced Topics

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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