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Business Central and Excel: The Ultimate Guide to Rapidstart

Unlock the Power of Bulk Editing Records, Migration, and Setup to boost your productivity in Business Central
Dr. Sebastian Diziol
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Editing and creating Business Central Records in Excel
Bulk Edit Records in Business Central
Mass process Records in Business Central
Migrate Data to or from Business Central
Bulk Create Data in Business Central
Understanding the use cases of Rapidstart
Set up companies in Business Central
Using Configuration Packages and the Configuration Worksheet
Best Practices for using Rapidstart
Real-life Scenarios and Applications of Rapidstart

This hands-on course on Rapidstart is designed to help you learn to bulk edit and migrate data in Microsoft Business Central to boost your productivity both before and after go-live along real-life applications and scenarios.

Welcome to the definitive online course created to help you become a proficient user of Rapidstart, a crucial tool in the world of Microsoft Business Central. Rapidstart is a standard interface between Microsoft Excel and Business Central.

It allows you to quickly and efficiently change existing records and create new records inside of Excel, using all of its beloved features, and afterwards simply import it into Business Central.

You can use Rapidstart during the Implementation Project in order to setup Business Central and migrate data from your legacy system, and after Go-Live in order to bulk edit/mass process data or create new records. There is a ton of different use cases for Rapidstart for nearly every user from every department.

This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about using Rapidstart, from its basic functionalities to advanced use cases. With an emphasis on bulk editing/mass processing, data migration, and setup, you’ll acquire the skills to supercharge your productivity and optimize your Business Central experience.


The course consists of the following key modules:


1. Introduction

  • Learn about the basic use cases for Rapidstart
  • Learn tips and tricks to make the most out of this Course
  • Learn how to get free access to a Business Central Demo Database



2. Rapidstart 101 – Hands on:

  •    Learn all you need to know to get started with bulk editing/mass processing records using Rapidstart right away
  •    Learn all you need to know to get started with migrating data/creating new records using Rapidstart right away


3. Advanced Features of Rapidstart:

  •    Deep-Dive into the different advanced features to unleash the Power of Rapidstart



4. A Match made in Heaven for Migration: Rapidstart and Configuration Worksheet

  • Learn how to use Configuration Packages and the Configuration Worksheet together to efficiently setup a Company
  • Understand the Process of efficiently transferring setup (and data) from one company to another one

5. Applications of Rapidstart

  • Learn hands-on applications of Rapidstart for Customers, Vendors, Items, Prices and Sales Orders
  • Develop expert capabilities in safely migrating your valuable data from existing systems with precision and minimal disruption.


Throughout the course, you will have access to a wealth of supplemental materials including process pictures, files with sample data, and Rapidstart Packages you can impórt and use in your own database. These resources reinforce your practical understanding and supplement your hands-on experience, ensuring you can confidently apply your newly acquired Rapidstart skills in the real world.

Enroll today and embark on your journey to becoming a Rapidstart expert, equipping yourself with the indispensable ability to boost efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in the ERP’s data management realm.

A Match made in Heaven for Migration: Rapidstart and Configuration Worksheet

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